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Oct 22, 2017

Dr. Dane Ortlund, a Jonathan Edwards scholar, and Dr. Michael Reeves, a Martin Luther scholar each preach a sermon by their respective bookend of the Reformation.

1:18 - Dane Ortlund/Jonathan Edwards Sermon

33:10 - Michael Reeves/Martin Luther Sermon

Oct 21, 2017

Dr. Michael Reeves and Dr. Dane Ortlund speak on Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards—who they were, the times in which they lived, and what they believed. 

0:17 - Michael Reeves

39:45 - Q&A w/Michael Reeves

52:38 - Dane Ortlund 

1:36:46 - Q&A w/Dane Ortlund

Oct 20, 2017

Panel discussion with Michael Reeves, Dane Ortlund, David Filson, and Ray Ortlund on Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, and the Reformation. Moderated by T.J. Tims.